Tuesday, March 1, 2011

show and tell tuesday

well, i feel like i haven't been working on much lately, due to my foot, but i do have several projects in the works.

sunday before last, saf and liz took me to the outlet mall near my house and pushed me around in a wheelchair. sadly (snort) i have no pics of that. however, at the kate spade store, liz saw a little pouch she liked, and we joked about making it and embroidering "kate spade" on it. well, it was a shape of pouch i haven't made before, but it looked simple enough, so i sketched it out. then, i got to work piecing together some of the bazillion hexies i've made. so far, i've got a pieced panel for one side of the pouch, a zipper the right length, and linen for the rest of the outside. i still have to pick lining fabric and actually stitch it together.

i also promised saf a hexie pouch. i swapped on flickr with someone for a bunch of little charm squares for hexies, and she included a set from Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush line. saf liked those, so i whipped up hexies out of them, stitched them together, and let her pick a grey linen for the base of the pouch. after three trips to joanss (while on painkillers!), i finally ended up with a zipper in a proper color. i've got some AMH Innocent Crush yardage left over from a purchase for a swap partner, so i'll pick one for the lining.

maybe i'll manage to get both of these done this week. crossing fingers . . .

and just because he's super cute, here's ozzie napping today:


Staci said...

Shhhhh, don't wake the kitty! He needs his beauty sleep so he can grow such pretty fur!

I love the hexies, and the whole idea of using them on a pouch with the linen. I'll be excited to see it!

Hope the foot is healing up just as it should, and sorry that your are not back to dancing yet. (although getting your friends to push you around the store is rather genius!)

Liz said...

I wish we did have pictures of the outting. But your foot is probably hurting more because of me slamming your foot into the counters of every shop we entered (and no, I am NOT passive aggressive). I want to see what you drew up for the "Kate Spade" pouch.

smazoochie said...

I want to bury my face in that peachy kitty tummy.