Thursday, February 17, 2011

what's up this week

well, i haven't posted my "regular" posts this week, and here's what's partially responsible:

yesterday i had a 5mm neuroma excised from my left foot. earlier in the week i was trying to get stuff done so it wouldn't be so bad to be immobile for a few days. i'm much less mobile than i expected - i'm pretty much bedbound today and tomorrow, too. lots of icepacks and vicodin. to say i'm bored and irritable would be correct. fortunately M has been taking good care of me, though he did make me eat a healthy lunch today instead of grazing on seven layer dip and chips. he did let me have peanut butter and choco ice cream after, though. he's also as i type on his way to pick up some work files for me so i can get in some billable hours instead of just lying here thinking about how much my foot freaking itches!

on monday, these arrived in the mail:

needless to say i won't be wearing them anytime soon! i have to wear the "special shoe" for two weeks then lace-ups for 6-8 weeks after that. but then i'm wearing these!

all of you that know me IRL know that i'm a pretty frugal person. i've never understood those friends and one of my sisters-in-law who spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair of shoes. well, these shoes (by Costume National) retailed for $600 (gasp.). i paid under $200, which for me is still WAY more than i usually pay for shoes. i think i only have one pair of boots that cost near that amount. anyway, i saw these online, and they were perfect to go with a particular dress, and they looked so much nicer than the other possibilities, so i ordered them, along with some others to try. the others are going back. these are freaking incredible shoes! not that i'm going to start buying $600 shoes all of the time, but i can certainly tell a difference both in comfort level and in quality.

okay. enough about shoes. except to say that i continued this trend today when i ordered new winter boots. it's better to buy after-season when things are on sale and/or clearance. and i needed to replace two pair. so i ordered three pair. yes, i CAN do the math. i'm blaming it on the vicodin (see above). i got all three pair for right around the retail price on the corso como boots, which was $325. but my two pairs i'm replacing were 10 and 5 years old, respectively, and these should likely last even longer because they're better quality.

david tate - valentine
bruno magli haialle
corso como quaint


Staci said...

Oh you poor baby! I hope you're feeling better soon, and your foot heals up perfectly and quickly so you can wear your darling new shoes soon. Hope Ozzie has been taking good care of you.

Luv 2 Kreate said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! I was goign to make a comment and blame it on the meds too, LOL

hope you feel better soon and enjoy those shoes :)

smazoochie said...

Do you need anything?

Anonymous said...

Those last boots are freaking drool-worthy.

Thanks for everything today. I can't believe you managed to host after surgery and my bday gift to boot. I seriously am so stoked I can't even tell you!! Hexies!!!

Get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Ozzie ... what a darling cat.