Tuesday, January 11, 2011

show and tell tuesday

it's been a catch-up week, as far as sewing goes. i've finally finished and mailed out all of my december bee blocks, and even finished and mailed two sets of the three january ones received so far. good thing, since two more arrived in yesterday's mail!

my faves of the ones i finished were paula's for the sew 2 speak bee:

i also went on an embroidery kick and stitched up these:

sunday afternoon i was able to crank out two wonky star blocks for jen's quilts of valor quilt, and tonight i almost finished my round for jacquie's round robin.

all in all it's been a quite productive week.

in non-sewing news, ozzie had his surgery thursday, and he's doing great. we also discovered at the end of last week that a mysterious white cat we've seen around has been living in the shed in M's back yard next door. tonight, again, she came up to the sliding glass door in my sewing room and hung out watching our cats and us. M brought out the fleece on a stick and she acted like she wanted to play through the glass. he went out back and tried to entice her to come play, but she wouldn't come any closer than about 6 feet, which surprised me that she even came that close. we've put a cat sleep sack out on our covered patio for her, and M put out some more kibble. we're such suckers. looks like we have a new outdoor cat.

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Staci said...

All your stitching looks just great! You've been really busy. Glad Ozzie is recovering, I'm sure he's happy to have that over, poor baby!