Monday, January 10, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

so, how'd we do on last week's meal plan? so-so. we ate at home, as planned monday through wednesday. we shifted date night to thursday, but then got pizza friday night, and on sunday we took our friends out to dinner because we were too lazy to clean house and mop the filthy floors. this week we've vowed to do better!

monday - cilantro lime chicken breasts, roasted cauliflower and broccoli for M

tuesday - stuffed pork chops, broccoli, leftover cauliflower for me

wednesday - chicken parmesan, pasta, green beans

thursday - chipotle chicken & corn chowder

friday - date night

saturday - beef stew

sunday - dinner with friends (chicken parmesan and eggplant parmesan if we clean house and eat here)

note: the cauliflower i made tonight (monday) kicked ass. it was, perhaps, the best cauliflower i've ever eaten. we got it free from a friend of M who is experimenting with organic gardening. i looked online for a recipe and found the one i linked to above. i modified it, tossing the florets with a mixture of olive oil, stone ground spicy mustard, and minced garlic. i omitted the bacon, because i didn't want to hassle with it. it was sooooooo good. next time i might throw in a bit of parmesan, too.

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