Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Blog with Lots of Pictures

i've been busy with work and other stuff lately, so haven't blogged in days. here are the highlights:

finished quilt blocks for Bee Liberated and Pretty on Pink Bee. the recipient for each bee picked the same block - the fractured nine-patch!

here is one for Pretty in Pink Bee (miss kitty was helping):

here is one of dena's blocks for Bee Liberated:

i also finished my first quilt for kids, and i'm almost done with another top i started, so i can send in a quilt from my own fabric, too.

last night i made another spiderweb block, and this morning i made another, but with grey kites this time.

this morning, M made bacon and we had bacon sandwiches with lettuce from our garden! the only way my sandwich could have been better was if it had tomato from our garden, but we have no tomatos ready yet.

M went with me to randall's this afternoon, because i had tons of e-coupons that were expiring soon and coupons that matched well with sales this week. here's the breakdown:

4 12-pks diet coke
2 bags fresh express salad
1 bag fresh express spinach
2 10-15 onions
1 betty crocker warm delights
1 cascadian farms granola cereal
3 cans green giant corn
2 green giant frozen veggies
1 box bisquick
2 bags sunchips
2 jars classico pasta sauce
2 jars classico alfredo sauce
1 box lipton tea bags
1 2L canada dry ginger ale
1 box 60-ct delimex taquitos
1 dozen eggs
2 healthy choice frozen dinners
1 yoplait fiber one 4-pk yogurt
1 yoplait true delights yogurt 4-pk
1 loaf nature's own whole wheat bread
1 scrubbing bubbles extended cleaning spray
1 scrubbing bubbles extended cleaning spray refill
1 scrubbing bubbles toilet gel
1 scrubbing bubbles 2-in-1 starter kit
1 safeway bacon (3 lbs)
1 beef chuck steak value pack (approx 6 lbs)
1 re-usable earth day bag

Total before coupons and randall's card discounts: 153.78
Total after coupons and randall's card: $22.29
Savings: 86%
i also got $8 OYNO catalinas for buying the 4 scrubbing bubbles products. i'll use some of these on tuesday to get milk, because we have enough to last until then, and i can pick up another bagged salad, which will be free with my last fresh express coupon.


Luv 2 Kreate said...

Holy Cow! You never cease to amaze me!

silversmith said...

oh my goodness woman! i've got to start checking out your coupon sites!!! i'm happy when i cut my shopping bill $8 and even more when i manage $20 just from newspaper coupons.