Saturday, April 17, 2010

what's better than date night?

cheap date night! M and i were going to go out to dinner tonight, and i was almost ready when i heard him yell to me from the other end of the house not to finish getting dressed and he'd have dinner ready shortly. turns out he'd gone to the freezer on our back porch for some ice cream to tide him over til dinner, and decided we should have dinner at home since we have two freezers FULL of food instead of spending $$ on a meal out. he thawed some boneless chicken breast and made chicken parmesan, with pasta on the side. YUMMY! best part of all, i got to sew on my bee blocks while he cooked!

after dinner, we cleaned up really quickly then went to run some errands. i wanted to go to babies r us to get some items i'd heard were on sale and therefore very cheap or free after coupons, and i have two sets of friends who are having babies in the next few months. i also wanted to look at baby clothes, since the store had a special where, if you printed off the coupon online, you got a reusable bag free and 25% off the clothes you could fit in it, including sale and clearance. i sure do hope one of the sets of parents-to-be has a boy! i got the cutest little cordouroy overalls with matching long sleeved striped tee, which will fit next winter! i also got a summer outfit to send to my best friend's daughter and a super-cute onesie for a little girl. all three, plus the bag, cost less than $18. the store we went to didn't have the other stuff i was looking for.

because i poked around so long looking at cute baby clothes, the three other stores i needed to stop at in the same shopping center were either closed or just locking their doors, which means another trip tomorrow.

then we stopped at randall's on the way home, which is where the second part of cheap date night comes in. we got 2 pints of ben & jerry's, 2 pints of starbucks ice cream, a thing of hand soap, and two bags of treats for homer, the good dog next door, and only paid $1.53 after all my coupons and e-coupons! and i got a catalina for $1 OYNO! including this, we've spent only $26.34 on groceries, household and pet items this month. total for the first quarter of 2010 was $264.48. and did i mention we have both freezers absolutely full and i shouldn't be buying anything that has to be frozen?!? our cupboards and pantry also runneth over, so i need to pack up some boxes of stuff to take down to corpus when we go in a couple weeks.

we went home, ate our yummy ice cream (M finished his B&J boston cream pie and i only ate a little of my B&J dulce delish), watched a bit of tv, and now M is zzzzzzing while i blog and surf the 'net. all in all a really pleasant evening, and we only spent $1.53 (not including babies r us). plus, we have ice cream for the rest of the weekend and just enough dinner leftovers for a light lunch tomorrow! i just realized i forgot to shine my sink before i got in bed. i'm pretty sure it's shiny, because we cleaned up everything after dinner and loaded the diswasher, and i made sure the ice cream spoons went straight in the dishwasher, but i'm going to be compulsive and get up and check on it now! good night all!


Luv 2 Kreate said...

Sounds like a great evening with the hubby! Love all that saving too :)

Bree said...

we have nothing like coupons in Australia, I love buying things in bulk and watching the specials but nothing like the extent that you are able to