Sunday, February 28, 2010

February in Review

it's the last day of the month, and amazingly i've already entered all of my receipts into my spreadshhet and so i've already got our monthly totals. total spent for groceries, household items, and pet supplies for february: $76.36

this is even lower than last month's total of $93.90. funny, but i'm irritated that it was so high, especially since i shouldn't have had to pay anything out of pocket on today's randall's run. but i did . . . my wallet was stolen last week, and along with the standard id, credit cards, and cash, i lost about $80 in randall's gift cards, a $10 toys r us gift card, a $50 walgreen's giftcard, and around $40 in cvs giftcards, plus catalinas for $4 OYNO from Kroger and $1.50 OYNO of beef or chicken from Randall's. of course, the monthly spending did include two more boxes of cat litter and another huge bag of kibble for the rotten beasties.

i also splurged yesterday after sitting for the last section of the cpa exam. i stopped by target to buy a replacement wallet and i bought 2 books, 2 dvds and a blu-ray for M. i only spent $55, including the wallet, but it's been ages since i just let myself buy "stuff" especially books, since i read them so quickly. i've already read both new books and two library books since i got home yesterday, and a third will be finished before i go to sleep tonight.

on friday i made a crockpot full of minestrone soup with tortellini, so i have lunches for all week. with M still gone on business for another week, i probably won't do much, if any, cooking this week, especially since i have class tomorrow night and dinner out with friends on tuesday. at this rate we're never going to eat up what's in our packed freezers!

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