Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Small Miracles

today after work i stopped by randall's. the weather was awful - cold and wet - and i almost didn't stop. but . . . i had coupons for items that would be free or moneymakers and tuesday is the last day of the sale cycle. i also wanted chips to go with the vegetarian chili waiting for me in the crockpot.

the store was out of the right guard deodorant that would have been a $2 moneymaker after coupons and e-coupons, but i stil wanted chips. i picked up a couple of other moneymaker items and close-to-free items and even a couple free items to go with my chips.

i saw that no one was in line in the express line, so i headed that way. at the last minute i saw that the cashier was a woman who usually is very mean about my using coupons and always practically accuses me of trying to steal from randall's by using legitimate coupons. i thought about going to another line, but didn't want to have to wait.

i put my items on the belt, the cashier rang them all up, and after she totalled my order, i watched the total drop as my e-coupons came off. then i handed her my stack of coupons. she had problems with one, because it was for $2 off two nabisco crackers, and the cheese nips were on sale for 99 cents each, so less than the coupon amount, and she had to mark down the coupon. i was amazed that she didn't hassle me about this, as she usually does. after all my coupons, my total was ONLY THREE CENTS. this was not the small miracle, as this is pretty common these days in my shopping excursions.

the small miracle was this: when the cashier handed me my receipt, she commented on my getting three bags of groceries for three cents, and she asked where i get all my coupons. as i told her, she pulled out some paper and wrote down the websites i mentioned!!!

as a special surprise bonus, i got a catalina for $1.50 off my next beef, chicken or tuna purchase for buying three boxes of hamburger helper!

here's my summary of stuff i got for three cents:
1 bag santitas tortilla chips
2 boxes betty crocker brownies
2 boxes betty crocker cake mix
1 nature valley granola nut clusters
1 betty crocker warm delights
1 betty crocker cookie mix
3 hamburger helper
1 betty crocker frosting
2 boxes of cheese nips

i'll make the brownies and cookies and some cupcakes for when my quilt guild meets at my house in a few weeks.

and it's good that i have the chips tonight . . . the chili i made had a bag of morningstar soy fake meat crumbles in it, and the texture was kinda rubbery, probably from the length of time it cooked, so i wasn't very thrilled with it.

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