Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday Stash Status

yeah.  i bought fabric.  oops.

week ending 9-20-2014:

Fabric acquired:  8 yds (pictured above)
                           10 yds widescreen architextures backings in grey, blue, mustard and white
TOTAL:  18 yds acquired

Fabric used:
1.5 yds hexy plus table topper
1.00 yd tote bag for HMQG swap
8.75 yds seven pairs of city gym shorts!
TOTAL:  11.25 yds used

I have got to quit buying fabric, or start destashing!  my purchases this week were a) specific fabrics for city gym shorts, b) some low volume to replenish stash,  c) basic almost-solids to replenish stash, and d) wide backings, so I don't always have to piece backings.  good reasons for purchases, but i'm WAY over my goal for this year!

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