Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday Stash Status - The I Was Bad Edition

remember how months ago i pre-ordered all the cotton + steel? well, it finally arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  this picture's for you, beth.  it all arrived in two Priority  Mail boxes.  the largest is exactly ringo-sized.


by my rough calculations, it totals around 43 yards.  look how nicely it all fits on one shelf in my Bily bookcase.  i haven't taken it out of the plastic bags yet, though.  i have a special project i have to finish first before i can start playing with this!

Week ending 8/2/2014 and week ending 7/26/2014:

Stash Used/Disposed Of:

6 yds greens and yellows for a commissioned quilt
3.5 yds backing and binding for pixel scissors quilt
7 yds fruit & veggie fabric and coordinates for kits for Holiday Headstart
1.5 yards for re-usable produce bags and coordinating potholders
2 yds dia de los muertos and loteria fabric for cloth napkins
TOTAL:  20 yds!!!!

Stash Acquired:
43 yds cotton + steel
3.5 yds misc. greens for commissioned quilt
5 yds misc Austin Shop Hop purchases
TOTAL:  51.5 yds


Rebecca said...

Love it.

smazoochie said...

I love how you sew your stash rather than "de-stash". Personally, I think you deserved 140 yards of Cotton + Steel! And a truck didn't hav to back up to your door & no dollies were involved! Yay!!!!