Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Weekly List

i've been pretty productive the past two weeks, despite having my parents and niece in for a whole week and being down a couple of days sick.

i made a miniquilt for the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap and mailed it off to my partner, who should receive it tomorrow.

i liked it so much that i made an almost identical one for the minquilt swap for the upcoming Houston Modern Quilt Guild at our July meeting:

then i finally got off my ass and made another mini (this one's 30" x 30") for the Michael Miller Challenge for the Modern Quilt Guild. i quilted it with a simple crosshatch, which seems to work well, although it took for-ev-er!  i like the finished quilt more than i thought i would, but my mom has dibs on it to gift to a friend she works with.

then i revisited the Round & Round pattern by Thimbleblossoms one more time to make yet another mini!
i think i'm done with this pattern, at least for a while.

finally, i started and have almost finished another mini (24" x 24") using more of my Sherbet Pips stash and the tutorial for the Rolling Diamonds block by KnottyGnome.

i wonder how much i can get accomplished this week!

goals for the week:

1.  finish binding rolling diamonds mini
2.  baste both AMH quilts
3.  quilt one of the two AMH quilts
4.  work on Spring Carnival WIP

i've also got two swap packages i'd really like to get in the mail before the deadline and some fabric to photograph and measure for destashing.

what have YOU got on your list for the week?

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