Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Finish - Polaroid Quilt

Last fall, I jumped on the Polaroid block bandwagon, joined a group swap, and did a handful of private swaps.  I ended up with a staggering number of blocks - over 400 if I remember correctly!

I admired my pretty blocks, then they went into a bag to keep them all together, and there they sat, forgotten.

When planning for Stash Bash 2014 back in April, I decided I'd take my blocks to work on.  In anticipation, I sorted through my blocks, and weeded out duplicates and ones I just didn't love.  Then I trimmed, trimmed and trimmed some more!

I made a decent start at Stash Bash, sorting my blocks into themed groups, and getting a good section sashed and pieced.  One of the other attendees even told me about a woman who was collecting Polaroid blocks for charity quilts, so I was able to find a good home for my leftover blocks, too.
I loved my Ghastlies Polaroids - made by my dear friend Liz - so much that I kept them separate and made a mini quilt for my sewing room!

A few more marathon sewing sessions after I returned home resulted in a lovely top, which I sent out to be long arm quilted by my friend Pam Biswas.
I love the finished quilt, but, like many quilts in my house, this one has been claimed by a cat!
If I'm lucky, he'll share!

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Anonymous said...

Oh so excited that you finished this one! Can't wait to see!