Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Stash Status

I really need to take an updated picture of my stash!  even though this is maybe 7 months old, a lot has changed.

anyhow, here's the tally for this week, ending June 29, 2014:

Stash acquired:  4 yds natural colored linen ( I actually got this week before last, but forgot to log it in.  I was all out of my neutral linen fabric, so this was replenishment of a basic.

Stash used:

2.5 yds for backing and binding for Mixed Geese quilt
1 yd for mini quilt, including backing and binding
2 yds misc. red, white, blue fabrics donated to HMQG raffle basket
2.5 yds backing and binding for Feathers quilt
Total:  8 yds

all in all, not a bad week!  of course, my pre-ordered cotton + steel hasn't arrived yet!

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