Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIP Wednesday - The Polaroid Edition

Last fall, I joined a Polaroid swap on IG, and went a little nuts.  In addition to the online swap, I did one on one swaps with several friends and local guild members.  and I made myself a ton of blocks.  a ton.  I think I ended up with 400 blocks!

At Stash Bash I finally started piecing the blocks together in sections.  I decided to separate the blocks by theme and just piece each set of themed blocks into a section, and then when I'm done, I can piece the sections together.  I'm using a variety of greys to sash the polaroids into blocks, mostly solids, but throwing in some prints here and there.

the first section I pieced was portraits from The Ghastlies.  I liked this section so much that I'm keeping it separate and turning it into a miniquilt.

so far, I have cats, farm animals, fruits, bugs & frogs, ocean life, pirates, birds, and sewing room sections pieced.  that's less than half of the polaroids I have!  and that's after I weeded out a ginormous stack and mailed them off to someone assembling a charity quilt!

these are my remaining blocks to piece:

My goal is to get this pieced into a top then get it quilted and finished by the end of the month.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you made so many blocks! I love love love this!