Friday, January 3, 2014

A Year of Finishes

when i updated my WIPs lists on my blog sidebar this week, i was surprised by how short those lists seemed - a good feeling.  i decided to look a bit closer at things.

at this time last year, i had 6 WIPs from the preceding year, and 17 from all years prior, for a total of 23 WIPs.  that's a lot!  this year, i'm starting off with 5 from 2013 and a measly 9 from all years prior!

that means i finished 14 WIPs, in addition to all the new projects i started AND finished in 2013.  pretty prolific year, if i do say so myself!

here's the actual quilts i finished this year, though there are 4 that didn't get photographed (the total number of quilts finished is 25:

here's some smaller things and garments i finished this year:

when i see all of these pictures together, i realize just how much i really did accomplish this year!

1 comment:

Jacey said...

You really did finish a lot! I remember thinking your WIP list was cray, but it just kept dwindling. Good job!