Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - The Year in Review

2013 was a pretty suck-ass year for lots of peeps i know, in lots of ways.  bad things happened to good people, unfair shit happened, lots of things sucked. but let's not go there.  instead, let's look at my goals for 2013 and see how i did.

Here's my goals i set for 2013:

1.  pay off the mortgage  - CHECK!!!!! paid off just before christmas and now we're totally debt free!
2.  make contributions to retirement funds - CHECK!!!! set up new accounts and began regular automatic transfers
3.  make a budget and stick to it - SEMI-FAIL.  it's hard to do this, since M and i have completely separate financial accounts, but in light of the successes with 1 & 2 above, this is not as important

1.  keep off the weight i lost in 2012 and maintain at or less than 140 lbs - MAJOR FAIL!!!! I'm pushing maximum density for myself right now, a few pounds shy of my all-time high in 2006.
2.  get back into an exercise program 2-3 times per week - SEMI-SUCCESS M and i both did really well for quite some time with exercising, but after our vacation ended in early October, we just never got back into a routine
3.  incorporate more fruits and veggies into our meals, and decrease processed foods - SEMI-SUCCESS we've eaten more veg, but i still eat too much processed food, like the bag of doritos and can of bean dip i had for lunch yesterday!

1.  get sewing/craft room whipped into shape - CHECK i got new, more efficient shelving, which helped a great deal, but this room is always in a state of flux
2.  continue going through cupboards and closets and weed out unneeded items - CHECK but it looks like i need to do this on an annual basis!
3.  have M install quarter-round along baseboards in both baths and re-do caulk in around tub and showers - FAIL
4.  paint interior - FAIL
5.  rip up carpet and have hardwoods refinished - FAIL

quilting and sewing:
1.  learn to use my serger - MAJOR FAIL it's still in its box, untouched
2.  work on improving my FMQ skills - CHECK!!!
3.  complete more of my WIPs (when cleaning out, i found more pre-2012 WIPs that weren't on last year's list!) - CHECK but there's still more to be done!
4.  finish at least one quilt per month - CHECK!!!! i finished over 24 quilts this yeat!
5.  make at least 4 string quilts for charity - CHECK  i only made 3 string quilts, but i made a ton of other charity quilts
5.  make japanese plus/minus quilt - CHECK except that i want to send this out to be quilted and haven't done so yet
6.  make at least 3 quilts from patterns/designs i have pinned on pinterest - CHECK
7.  use the fabric i have instead of purchasing more! CHECK i used over 157 yds of stashed fabric this year, although i did buy or was gifted over 85 yds, which is more than i feel like i should have brought in!

So, it seems that i was pretty successful with my financial and quilting/sewing goals, but nit so successful on the health and home fronts.  the home failures had more to do with having to get M to do stuff, though, so that's not entirely my fault.  overall, i'm happy with what i achieved in 2013 and look forward to seeing what i can accomplish in 2014!

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Fi said...

Goodness gracious! I'd say your whole year was a check. That was some list. And 24 quilts, 2-4!!! Holy craparama. And here's the thing, with our tendencies and love for all things yummy, we'll likely never be rail thin teeny bopper sized... it's amazing that you're trying in lots of ways (fitbit and all) and honestly, I never see extra weight on you. You're always fantastic to me. Really.

Oh and we never got a re-cap on the ugly Christmas quilts and how they were received! ??

See you soon!!