Monday, November 25, 2013

The Weekly List

Despite continuing to feel crummy, i got a fair bit accomplished this week.  i washed and dried three recently-finished quilts.  i finished my christmas snowball blocks and sewed them into five rows.  i made backings for and basted the two christmas tops i had finished, and i quilted both yesterday.  i got the binding on one, and hope to get the binding on the other tonight.

i also did the thanksgiving-related grocery shoppiing, though i do have to make another stop tonight for more eggs!  my family arrives wednesday, and with M out of town until then as well, i have a lot to do to get ready.  i'm trying to prep a lot of the food before-hand so the kitchen isn't so crowded on thursday!

goals for this week:

---> survive thanksgiving!
---> finish nine-patch christmas quilt
---> assemble snowball rows, baste and quilt

hope you all survive thanksgiving, too!

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smazoochie said...

Don't overdo it! Count your blessings & enjoy the day.