Monday, November 18, 2013

The Weekly List - Brought to You by the Letter S

this week's list, and last week's fails, are brought to you by the letter "S" for sinus infection.  i should know better than to set ambitious goals for the week - something always comes up!  during the first part of the week, i had plans every night, so i knew i wouldn't get much done, but i was counting on a productive weekend.  Mr. Mucus and Mrs. Cough had other plans, though, and i spent my weekend from noon on saturday onwards in bed, feverish.  i did drag myself out of bed on sunday to go to the walgreens healthcare clinic so i could get started on the anitbiotics i knew i needed.  other than that, i've mostly slept for the past 48 hours.

needless to say, i failed at most of my goals for last week.  i did get my felt ornaments made, and i made a bit more progress on the Christmas snowball blocks, but that's it.  i didn't even get my finished quilts photographed, because i was planning to have M help me during daylight over the weekend!

on a side note, i did run to Jo-Ann on saturday morning, before i started running a fever, and got the grey thread i needed to quilt the Madrona Road Tinker quilt and also got two 25 yard rolls of batting!

i'm not going to set any goals for this week, since i definitely seem to be bed-bound for at least one more day.  i'll just be grateful for whatever i do get done!

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