Friday, October 25, 2013

A Ghastly Bit of Hoarding

so, i just realized i said i'd post about my Ghastlies projects on wednesday, and here it is friday already.  i was sick tuesday and wednesday, though, so i'm blaming it on medicine head!

#alexanderhenry #ghastlies pillowcase

#alexanderhenry #ghastlies pillowcase

for several years now i've been collecting Alexander Henry's Ghastlies line, in the grey, white and mauve colorways.  i ended up with about 15 yards total of various prints.  i was really itching to work on something new last weekend, and i pulled out the huge bag of these treasured fabrics.

first, i whipped up two pillowcases, one for me, pictured above (the front and back are different), and one for M, pictured below.

#alexanderhenry #ghastlies pillowcase

i think it took me longer to work out the fabric for these than it took to sew them, but i had to modify the pattern to account for directional prints and the size of yardage i had.

then i finally picked a block for the quilt:

Finally picked a block pattern for my #alexanderhenry #ghastlies quilt! Here's to hoping I might have it done by my birthday on #halloween !

in just a few short days i finished 42 blocks, enough for a 72" x 84" quilt!

here's a partial view of my design wall where i laid out and rearranged my blocks last night until i liked the arrangement.

#ghastlies 42 blocks done and ready to be sewn together!

good thing i took photos . . . this little devil, this one right here:


knocked down the design wall, scattered all the blocks, and played 52 (or 42 as the case may be) pick up with them during the night! and doesn't he look smug about it?!?

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