Monday, March 4, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

i haven't done a meal plan post in ages!  right now, M and i are on a mission to stop buying more stuff and eat up what's in our freezer!  he's bad about buying meat, lots of meat, huge steaks, roasts, you name it!  unfortunately, stuff gets buried in the freezer, and i hate hate hate throwing out food.  thus, we decided a few weeks back that we need to be disciplined and eat up stuff before it gets freezer burn!

we've done very well so far, and we've got a good plan for this week.

monday - leftover chili from saturday used to make frito pies (YUM!) (had 93% lean ground sirloin, chili seasoning packet, onion, tomato sauce, beef broth, and cheese.  only had to buy fritos)

tuesday - leftover chicken and sausage gumbo from sunday  (had cooked chopped chicken and a pkg of sausage in freezer, as well as frozen okra, all other ingredients including rice in pantry)

wednesday - King Ranch Chicken (already prepared and frozen)

thursday - either jambalaya, or, if we're cajuned out from 2 nights of gumbo, then enchiladas (already prepared and in freezer)

friday - fried trout, potato salad, hushpuppies (have everything on hand except hushpuppy mix, and i probably have everything to make from scratch!)

saturday - chicken fried backstrap, mashed potatoes, green beans (have everything on hand)

when i was pulling out the ingredients for the gumbo yesterday, i found a hunk of cooked roast beef, and two  partial bags of mixed veg, so i made up a batch of vegetable beef soup to eat for lunches this week!

it's really nice to see stuff leaving the freezer and not having it crammed so full of stuff!  apparently, so says M, we have a TON of steaks in the big freezer, so looks like we'll be eating more red meat!  gotta keep those iron levels up!

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