Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Weekly List

despite a bout with the stomach flu and mid-week surgery, i had a pretty productive week.

i finished the top of my girly string triangle quilt and made a pieced backing for it.  once i can manage the upper body motions needed to do the quilting, it just needs to be basted and is ready to go!

i got my madrona road quilt for the houston modern quilt guild challenge completely finished.  it's going to be a present for my co-worker and his wife for their second son, due around easter.

hexies kept me occupied for the two days right after my surgery.  once upon a time i used to make TONS of hexies, and had them stashed away in a variety of bags and boxes.  i mean, they're so fun and easy to make, but sewing them together is less fun.  last year i had decided i needed to do something with them, so i'd started sewing some together into flowers.  i got less than two done.  i pulled out the bag this week, and i now have a piece roughly 8 x 8 inches.  i've decided i'm just going to make a small mini quilt to hang on my wall.  this won't use up anywhere close to the number of hexies i have, but at least i'll have something made out of them!

yesterday i also pulled out the leftover 12.5" 1930s repro blocks left over from the quilt i finished last year for our guest bed.  i had 11 blocks, but out of those 11, i had 3 each of 2 blocks.  after i pulled out the redundants, i had only 7 blocks.  i decided i needed 9 blocks, with sashing, for a wheelchair-sized lap quilt, so i pulled my 30's fabrics and made 2 more blocks.

goals for this week:

---> finish 1930s wheelchair quilt top, prep binding and have ready to baste
---> prep binding for girly string triangle quilt
---> finish sewing together enough hexies for mini quilt, prep backing and binding

what's on YOUR list for this week?

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