Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday

this week, once again, i have several projects in the works.

first and foremost, i've finally started my Madrona Road quilt for the Houston Modern Quilt Guild challenge. i can show you a sneak peek of that, but i'm keeping it under wraps until it's all finished!

madrona road sneak peek

next, i finished a set of 25 string triangle blocks for a little girl charity quilt, and i'm working on assembling those into a top.

girly string triangle blocks

lastly, i'm finally trying the Wiksten tank.  i'm making a practice one first, in some cotton fabric that i had stored away.  it's all right, and i'll wear it if it turns out okay, but it's not a precious fabric i'll be mad about losing if it turns out badly!


what have YOU got going this week?


Jacey said...

Looks like you made good progress with your Madrona project! I finished mine last night, and now I'm making an apron, just because!

Staci said...

Loving those triangles, Amy!