Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Weekly List

whew!  this has been a busy week, and i expect the coming week to be just as busy!  i managed to get my house whipped into shape for the Houston Modern Quilt Guild christmas party on saturday.  i even decorated, taking a big risk and setting up a tree, even though i hedged my bets by only using paper ornaments.  the kitten is a bit too interested in the tree for my liking, but it's survived upright and intact for the last 30 hours, so i'm feeling more optimistic.

the party was great fun.  we packed about thirty women into my house for eating tasty business, chatting, and an ornament exchange.  i whipped up these felt ornaments based on a pattern in Stitch magazine.

felt scandinavian ornaments

i had to use acrylic felt, because that's what i could get locally, but i've since ordered some wool felt online for some other projects.

this week i also whipped up ten re-usable produce bag for christmas gifts, using this tutorial from sewmamasew as well as ten or so re-usable gift bags.

re-usable produce bags

i still have a bit more to do to get ready for christmas, though.

with that in mind, my goals for this week:

---> make 2 placemats and coasters for gift for co-worker
---> 8 more re-usable produce bags for gifts
---> more re-usable fabric gift bags
---> bake cookies

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