Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

it's been a really busy week for me leading up to christmas.  i've been feeling overworked and pretty dang grinchy, to tell the truth.  in the past few days we baked 13 dozen cookies, attended four holiday parties, had the kitten at the vet for surgery, wrapped presents and more presents, and on and on.  i made a dozen more fabric gift bags and 14 more re-usable produce bags, including the six i made two hours before the annual Christmas eve gathering of M's family, because i learned at the last minute that his ex-sister in law and two nieces and families would be attending.

today, christmas, though, has been a lazy day . . . sleeping late, a mid day nap with M and the kitten, hot chocolate, even though it's not cold, tamales for lunch, and a bit of tidying up because my parents arrive tomorrow.  fortunately, the housekeeper is coming tomorrow before they get here!

i gave and received lots of lovely presents, but the best present of all was picking up the kitten at the vet yesterday to bring him home.  we sure did miss the little guy!

tomorrow it's back to the office for more year-end fun and games, but i still have a few more hours to enjoy myself, and M's grilling steaks for us now.

merry christmas, everyone!


smazoochie said...

We sure let Christmas take us over, don't we? I'm glad you had a peaceful & restful day & that Mr. Ringo is home.

Fiodhna said...

Oh noo Ringo baby! Hope he is doing well. Sorry you've been run ragged. I'm taking this weekend off as the sprint to Christmas kind of whipped me. Really who thought a yard sale before Christmas was smart?! *head smack*