Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Weekly List

i've had a super productive week, again, since M went hunting this weekend, giving me plenty of time to myself!

i accomplished all of my sewing goals this week, plus some more!  i finished M's camp pillow, made 70 more low volume HSTs, and not only started but finished a frame wallet for the post-Sewing Summit Swap.

last night after i grabbed a burger for dinner, i decided to check out a new dollar store that opened up near my house.  i spent a good hour wandering around and found a couple of great items - a package of 10 full page label sheets, a package of tracing paper and one of graph paper, a trio of small glass "cookie" jars, and some other stuff.  in the last area of the store, though, i hit the jackpot!  i found a wallet made with a metal frame that had a separate front and back!  it was made from some hideous plaid vinyl, but i could see the potential!

i came home, unscrewed the frame, deconstructed the wallet, and re-created it in super cute fabrics for my post-Sewing Summit Swap partner.  i hope she likes it!

frame wallet
frame wallet

sunday afternoon, i decided to tackle a bigger project - cleaning out my spice cupboard.  M and i both love to cook, and we have a ton of spices.  they share a cabinet with prescription meds, pain relievers, vitamins and things like cupcake liners!  while it's still not perfect, it is a whole lot better!

spice cupboard - BEFOREBEFORE

spice cupboard - AFTERAFTER

i also had time to whip up a few fabric labels using jacey's tutorial.

fabric gift tags
fabric gift tags - back

while jacey embroidered hers, i'm too lazy for that and i just stamped mine!  i even cut into a hoarded fat quarter of laurie wisbrun's christmas donkey fabric!  needless to say, i'll be reclaiming these and reusing them next year.

goals for this week:

---> make second set of felt animal ornaments
---> trim low volume HSTs
---> make a few more christmas presents

what are YOU trying to get done this week?

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Jacey said...

I think I'm most impressed that you cleaned out that cabinet with no cheerleading. Nice! And your gift tags turned out so cute! I'm glad your weekend was productive!