Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Finish

hedgehog - i like this one best!

so far i've had a pretty productive sewing and crafting week.  i whipped up M's camo water-resistant pillow for his deer stand and he took it with his this weekend.  i also cranked out another 70 HSTs for my low volume quilt!  i'll take these with me to the next Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting and trim them up while the business portion of the meeting is going one.

i've gotten sucked in to pinterest this week, and i've pinned a ton of craft projects, some involving sewing, some not.  i pinned several sets of darling felt animal ornaments, so tonight i wanted to see if i could make some.

after i assessed the felt squares i had on hand and made a list of colors i needed, i wanted to go ahead and try out the hedgehog.  i even found some thin forest green ribbon to use for the hangers.  anywho, i got him all done and realized i hadn't sewn on his eyes!  since it's hard for me to cut out tiny felt circles anyway, i decided to just get some googly eyes while at Jo-Ann. i also added a scarf, since the bear and moose in the picture had scarves.  i had the perfect fabric scraps left over from my recent forays into stockings and tree skirts!

after a trip to Jo-Ann and a quick dinner, i tried out the bear and a mushroom from a different picture.



of the three, i really, really like the hedgehog, and the mushroom (despite my shitty picture!) is pretty cute.  the bear, however, looks a bit weird to me.  he was so cute in the picture, but the one i made looks emaciated!  i think i'll give him another shot, making him larger and fatter next time.

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Fiodhna said...

Give him to me! I love him and the hedgie. You are so freaking productive Amy! Man I am a slacker.