Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Weekly List

this was a busy week for me!  monday i played hooky from work and went to Quilt Market.

Fi Amy and Sarah Watsonphoto by Fi:  me, fi and sarah watson

canned hamphoto by Fi: liz, paula and me in front of a canned ham.

i never knew these darling little travel trailers were called canned hams until paula enlightened me.  i went home and told M i want one for christmas.  not to actually camp or anything, just to fix up and park in the backyard as a little hideaway so i could take a cat and a stack of books out there and read.

tuesday i mentioned a vintage sewing machine i'd seen on craigslist to M over dinner.  when he found out i hadn't called about it yet, he told me to call.  i did, and we ended up trekking out to deer park.  i came home with a pristine, unscratched Elna Supermatic in a cabinet for part of my birthday present from M.

wednesday was my birthday, so the work crew took me out for lunch, and M took me out for dinner.  in between there was cake.

thursday friends came over for dinner.

friday M went to the deer lease and i finally had time to sew. . . but then i was tired and didn't feel like sewing.  so i read an entire book.  then, at midnight, i decided i felt like sewing after all, and finished my tree skirt, based on a tutorial by jacey.

tree skirt based on tutorial by @jaceycraft

saturday was filled with exercise class, errands, and dropping by to see jacey at her first craft fair.

sunday morning i got up early and modified an a-line skirt pattern to be a pencil skirt and whipped one up out of some grey lightweight suiting.  amazingly i got the fit right on the first try.  i decided to make one out of the suiting before i cut into the retro print i have designated for a pencil skirt just in case the pattern didn't work out. all that's left to be done is the hemming, by hand, and it's already pinned up so i'll do that tonight while we watch Elementary and Criminal Minds after dinner, and adding a hook and eye above the invisible zipper!

i didn't get to the third item on my list for this week, which was making M a pillow for use in his deer stand, so that's at the top of my list for this week!

goals for this week:

----> make M's camouflage pillow
----> crank out some more low volume HSTs
----> work on post sewing summit swap project

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Jacey said...

I love the picture of you, Fi and Sarah. lovely! And your tree skirt turned out so cute!

Thanks for coming to my show Saturday. You are such a great friend!