Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Weekly List

wow!  it's been a while hasn't it?  i've been pretty busy . . .

first there was sewing summit in salt lake city, utah, from october 10 - 14.  six of us from the Houston Modern Quilt Guild attended (me, gabi, liz. fi, paula and tammy), and we had a blast. i'll try to get together a post for that this week, together with some photos.

i had the best time, but was glad to be home again, and catching up around the house and at the office has been exhausting and not left much time for sewing. ringo seemed glad to see me,

Home! #sewingsummit

nonetheless, yesterday was the deadline for the mini quilt challenge for Houston Modern Quilt Guild.  after i got voted off the island/out of the office for excessive allergy sneezing on friday afternoon, i went home and got down to business.  i made a top, but decided i hated it, so just before going out to dinner i started another, this time with equilateral triangles, which i learned how to sew together during a class on shapes and angles taught by Kati of From the Blue Chair and Faith of Fresh Lemons.  after dinner and errands, i got back to work and put the last stitch in the binding at 12:46 a.m.!

saturday i got up early to make invites to my birthday party M is throwing for me next sunday, then spent the afternoon at the monthly meeting for the Houston Modern Quilt Guild (where i managed to square up my 60 finished low-volume HSTs), and wrapped up my day with dinner and The Red Hot Chili Peppers concert with M.

hopefully i'm caught up with everything and i can squeeze in some sewing and quilting this week!

goals for this week:

--> make another fabric basket (i'm making these for M's sisters for christmas, and i have 3 of 4 done already)
--> try to get M's t-shirt quilt quilted (he has a meeting Wednesday night, so i'm hoping to get a lot done while he won't be home to get a sneaky peek!)
--> sew more low volume HSTs

what do YOU have planned for this week?

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