Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Weekly List

this past week was crazy!  i'm not used to having a kid to take care of, and was so wiped out i went to bed around 9:00 every night, which is unheard of for me!  sewing was mostly out of the question.

saturday morning, i helped emily make a softie from a kit.  she did most all by herself, i just tied off the thread at the end and helped with stuffing.

emily made this!

 i did whip out some Bibs for Babies on Saturday while Emily was napping and also made her a pencil case to use for school.  these were all pieced from a fairytale friends charm pack that i chopped into 2.5" squares.

Bibs for Babies

pencil pouch for emily

Sunday morning i cranked out two baby girl bibs, since the other two looked more boyish.


after emily left on sunday around noon, i finally got back to my opal owl braid quilt.  unfortunately, i didn't get very far before i realized i was having a shifting/bunching issue again! i ripped out the quilting and put my walking foot back on for some plain old straight line quilting, which - though it is slow going - is not causing any shifting or bunching problems!

so, this week i have to repeat last weeks' goals:

--> finish quilting opal owl quilt
--> bind opal owl quilt

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Jacey said...

She is so photogenic. And adorable, of course. I hope your week is good, Amy! See you Saturday!