Sunday, August 19, 2012

And baby makes . . . FIVE!

i'd like you all to meet ringo, the newest addition to the house of bad cats.  i think he's going to be a good one, though!

for a while now we've wanted to get a little buddy for ozzie.  someone who was enough younger that there wouldn't be territorial issues, but not a tiny baby.  someone who met the orange and white with socks criteria.  see, ozzie needed someone to play with.  hitler is a grumpy old man cat most of the time, and mister bat is on his way there.  miss kitty wants nothing to do with ozzie and boxes him good every time she gets the chance.  and ozzie so badly wants to play so much of the time, but no one will play with him.  sometimes mister bat will, but he gets tired of it pretty quickly and abandons ozzie.

i look on craigslist for orange and white kitties a lot, and if i find an appropriate one, i show M.  but then we find some reason not to call or email about the cat.  i'd been looking at the posting for ringo several times a day for over a week.  in the posting picture (the one in this post above), he seemed to be imploring me with his eyes . . .please take me home.  last wednesday i wrote down the phone number to call.  thursday afternoon i finally made the call.  saturday morning we trekked out to west houston and met ringo.  it was love at first sight. he was supposed to be outside the house, so we called "kitty, kitty" and he came running right up to me and let me pick him up and hold him!

we had a bit of a rocky ride home - ringo got carsick! but once we got home, he demonstrated pretty quickly that he's going to fit right in.  there's been a bit of hissing from the other cats, but really not that much, and no meanness.  ozzie seems the most jealous right now, but even he's already started playing a bit with ringo!  i'm pretty sure that by the end of the week they'll be best friends!


smazoochie said...

OK, *no one* could say "no" to that orange & white kitty tummy. You can keep him.

Jacey said...

Yay! Even though I tease you about the fifth edition, I don't think I could have resisted him either. He's adorable, and I'm glad the other kitties are accepting him.

Fiodhna said...

He almost came home with Aunt Fi. I love love love love love snuggly cats. In fact pretty much anything that wants to snuggle with me is on the top of my list. Oh and last night I had dreams of kitties and a possum (ugh the possum was not a good addition- I kept waking up and looking around).

Tonya Ricucci said...

hurray for the new kitty - he's a cutie pie! we're crazy too - now up to five as well.