Monday, June 11, 2012

Is it Wednesday yet?

Wednesday I get to have my bandages taken off. Then I get to wear only a sports bra for a couple months.

I'm really anxious for Wednesday! Seriously. There is some crazy itching going on. Also, the bandages give me a uniboob. I am wanting to see what my new, small boobs look like but I can't yet!

I've even ordered some new clothes in a variety of sizes but can't try them on yet! Some I'm sure will fit but others I can't tell. The cutest yellow plaid sundress (see it here: arrived today, in two sizes, and I really want one of them to be a fit!


smazoochie said...

Looks like the Oz-inator enjoyed your recovery time.
Yay bandages coming off! Yay summer-y clothes!
Will there be pictures? ;-)

Jacey said...

Today is Wednesday! Good luck with the reveal! See you soon. Saturday, if not before.