Friday, June 1, 2012

A Completely Shameless Begging

i don't knit.  i've tried. repeatedly. i've bought knitting for dummies books, children's learn to knit books and dvds. a variety of friends and family have tried to teach me in person, all to no avail.

this is bad for me, because i really love lots of knitted things.  like this:

(picture and pattern by tiny owl at ravelry)

i came across this pattern, modified a bit to make it a longer scarf, on a lovely blog, Wipster, written by a woman named Beccy.

i have a birthday coming up.  almost five full months from now.  the ravelry ratings say this is a pretty easy pattern.  really.  you know how i love foxes, don't you?  pretty, pretty please will one of you dear, lovely knitters i know in real life make me a foxy scarf for my birthday . . . or thanksgiving . . . or christmas . . . or hannukah . . .


Jacey said...

Okay, I promise to try it for you. You deserve a lovely knitted fox scarf!

smazoochie said...

You wouldn't want any knitted thing from me! I am also a Knitting School Flunk-out.