Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Little Apples Drunkard's Path Blocks

even though i really shouldn't have started a NEW project, on saturday i was given the chance to play with frieda's accuquilt Go! i dug out a couple of Little Apples charm packs, intending to cut out tumblers. then, at the last minute, i decided to cut out drunkard's path blocks! frieda graciously gave me some solid white so that i could cut out those pieces as well so that i can have blocks with the print fabric as the wedge and the curve in white, and vice versa. i started stitching up some blocks on sunday, and so far it's gone well. i've tried a couple of different techniques, and watched a youtube video yesterday that i think will help resolve my main problem, which has been getting the two bottom edges to align.

i have my row robin quilt ready to baste when i get a large enough square of floor cleared off, too!

  1030's repro sampler quilt

 i also realized that my 1930's WIP from my list would be PERFECT for the guest bed, since we've redecorated with a vintage bedroom suite from the 1920-1930 era. i pulled out the pieces i had, measured the bed, and realized i need three more blocks, in addition to a border.

  memory lane

 monday night i whipped up the block above, called memory lane. i had to look for ideas in an actual book since we were without the internets! i also had to re-size, since the book i was looking through featured all 9" finished blocks and i need 12" finished! of course, after i made this block and went to put it on the design wall, i realized the background fabric in the already made blocks is NOT white, which i had used, but an off-white! oops!


last night i whipped up the second needed block, this time using all prints or colored solids to avoid the problem with monday's block!

at any rate, i'm hopeful that by the end of this month i'll have at least two more things i can cross off my WIP list!

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Jacey said...

I love the drunkard's path blocks! How fun! You deserve to have a new project, since you are blowing through the WIPs!

See you Saturday, friend!