Tuesday, April 3, 2012


mini-swoons for 3 x 6 bee

having finally finished all 6 mini-swoon blocks for the 3 x 6 bee, i put together a mosaic with all six blocks together.

now that i've had all this practice making mini-swoons, i think i need to make some full-size swoon blocks for myself! in fact, i loved the block i made for lisa so much that i've already ordered fabric to make my swoon blocks in that same chartruese/plum/coal color scheme. unfortunately i couldn't find anyone selling the flora and fauna dandelion in green that i used in lisa's block, but i did order some moda bella solid in chartruese to use instead. look for a full-size swoon quilt sometime this summer!

1 comment:

Jacey said...

Your mini blocks are all so lovely! I'm glad you're not burnt out on the Swoon yet! Are you thinking of working on your full-size at the retreat next month?