Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday

i've been really busy sewing this week, but i've been so busy i haven't taken any photos! fortunately i had snapped this one of my helper over the weekend - isn't he being a great help?

anyway, i've been frantically working on my green string quilt so that i can get it to the longarmer on saturday, a week later than i'd planned. my finished quilt will be 6 blocks x 6 blocks, each one finishing at 16" to give me a finished size of 96" square. i'm piecing the top in three sections, each one 2 blocks x 6 blocks. over the weekend i sewed together blocks into two sections and part of the third. i still needed eight blocks, though!

on sunday i prepped and sewed the components for two blocks, then prepped components for four and a half more and started sewing. a little sewing on tuesday night, and a lot of sewing tonight, and i now have finished the components for my eight final blocks.

tomorrow night, after my first spin class, safieh is going to help me piece the back for the quilt, and friday i may take the day off from work so i can sew together the remaining eight blocks, remove the paper, sew those blocks into the third section of the top, and sew together all three sections! whew! that sounds like i'm definitely going to have to take off at least the afternoon to have everything ready to take to the longarmer on saturday morning!


FatChickQuilts said...

Mr. Bat looks so cute. Makes me want to squeeeze him!

Jacey said...

I hope you can finish! I want to come snuggle with my favorite (except Bella and Olias, of course!) kitty.

smazoochie said...

Did you get a model release? His People may sue your your People. ;-)