Monday, March 26, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

even with eating out more than i should have last week, i still didn't gain any weight . . . thanks to THREE spin classes and one pilates! M is out of town, hopefully for the last week, so i'm sure my eating will be less than ideal this week, too.

monday - smoothie after spin class
tuesday - popeye's 99 cent special - there's no reason to even pretend i'm not gonna get fried chicken on tuesday after spin class!
wednesday - itty bitty burger barn with a friend
thursday - smoothie after spin class
friday - date night
saturday - celebrating our 4th anniversary
sunday - assuming M doesn't have to go back to shreveport, stuffed porkchops, asparagus, salad

1 comment:

Jacey said...

I'm glad you're staying on track. That's awesome! And THREE spin classes last week! Impressive!