Tuesday, June 14, 2011

wherein the contraction of strep throat leads to time for blog updates

i haven't posted in AGES, but i've been almost overwhelmed at work. i've been putting in lots more hours than usual, and when i do get home, i've been too exhausted to do much besides lie in bed and play spider solataire.

saturday a tickle in my throat when i awoke turned into a raging throat pain, swollen lymph nodes and a fever by mid-afternoon, leaving me unable to attend the boss' daughter's wedding. alas. fortunately i had finished my bag for the goodie bag swap on friday. anyhow, sunday was a nasty feverish pain-filled day, as was monday, at which point i went to a doc-in-the-box since my real dr couldn't get me in until wednesday. the diagnosis: strep throat. yay. the upside is that a) i'm getting a much needed break from work and b) i have a chance to update my blog so you all (all 27 measly followers) don't think i've disappeared into the void.

i have squeezed in a bit of crafting/sewing time lately. i finished bee blocks for several bees that were languishing on my sewing table and got caught up in all but 2 bees. okay, when i think about it, that's pretty sad, since i'm only still in three bees, as the others have all finished. i also made a bag for the goodie bag swap, and am fairly pleased with how it turned out, especially since it was the first-run at a pattern i'd never tried before, i had to modify said pattern, and i also added a recessed zipper, which i'd never attempted before.

i also have worked on my embroideries for the embroider-bee. i have to make four blocks with embroideries, based on the four people's preferences for embroidery and color schemes. i've got 3 of 4 embroideries done, and have the fourth traced out. i'm feeling a bit better today, so i really should work on it. maybe after i have another nap. . .


Staci said...

Oh you poor thing! I had strep earlier this year, and it is so miserable! I hope you can get plenty of rest and feel better soon! Bet your fur babies are taking good care of you! Kitty purrs + good medicine will get you back to normal soon.

JuneBug said...

It's too bad that sickness forced you to slow down but at least you're making the best of it! And count it up to 28 followers because I just joined up :)

The bag looks fantastic. Any tips or tutorials you used to add the zipper would be much appreciated! I feel zippers on bags are really a must, especially if they might be used as purses.

Karamat said...

Hope you're feeling better!

smazoochie said...

Hey! I'm not "measly"!
We should all take care of ourselves before sickness makes us do so. (Do as I say, not as I do.) I'm sorry you were poorly & hope you are feeling better. Missed you at HMQG
p.s. Loved my row!