Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

well, it's that time again, the time when we take stock of our lives and make resolutions to improve in the upcoming year. in the upcoming days, i'll post a recap of 2010, but for now, here are a few of my resolutions for 2011:

- complete the january no-spending challenge with safieh (no spending for non-necessities)

- Fabric Diet Challenge (january and february) - no fabric purchases (swaps and trades are okay!)

- make a meal plan for each week so that we're not tempted to eat out, even though we have a freezer full of food (correlative resolution: throw out less food!)

- complete (at least) one sewing/quilting unfinished project (UFO) each month

- spend more time with friends, especially those we haven't seen as much lately

- pay off my student loans

- finish more sewing/quilting/crafting projects than i start (ha!)

i think that's enough for now. and note that i didn't have a single resolution dealing with weight loss or fitness! i figured there's no need to make resolutions i know i can't keep!


FabricandFlowers said...

Go can do it! Mine are similar.

Bry said...

Good for you! I am awful at resolutions, but I definitely need to join the fabric diet bandwagon!

Karamat said...

Happy New Year! No spending challenge... that sounds interesting. I tried to talk my husband into trying a cash budget (a la Dave Ramsey) this year and all I got was a non-commitment shrug.