Monday, December 13, 2010

introducing ozzie . . .

i certainly didn't intend to get another cat so soon after tom's passing. truly i didn't. but i was surfing "kitty porn" at work, and i came across a craigslist posting for the montgomery county animal shelter. when i clicked on the post's link to see the "purrrls" - cats who have been at the shelter 60 days or more - i found the picture you see above, and it was love at first sight.

that night i showed the picture to M when he got home, and the next day, friday, i made arrangements to have "andy" as i found out he was called taken home with a volunteer - the photographer - so i could pick him up later that evening. M and i drove out to the woodlands, and when we first entered the room where the kitty was hanging out, we just knew he was right for us. we played with him for a bit, then put him in the carrier for the ride home. i held the carrier in my lap, and we unzipped one end so M and i could reach in and pet him. he did fantastic in the car, and even fell asleep while i rubbed his tummy.

we tried out a few different names, but by bedtime we'd settled on "ozzie." at 3:45 am saturday, we did have to boot ozzie from the bedroom because he was wanting to play and wouldn't settle down. that's the only night we've given him the boot. the past two nights he's slept between us, proving that he's an awesome cuddler. it's been funny having a kitten - he's only 4-6 months old - i'd forgotten what that was like. he discovered a ray of light reflected on the ceiling this morning frommy watch, and he was soooooo fascinated. yesterday he found a crumpled foil candy wrapper and spent a good 30 minutes just playing with it by himself. he also has the cutest meow - he sounds like a cranky old man cat! and he has a purr that pretty much doesn't quit unless he's asleep.

now, don't start thinking i just replaced tom, because i didn't. ozzie has his own distinct personality, and is not the same cat. i still miss tom very, very much, but having ozzie around to make me laugh is definitely helping.

if you're in the houston area and in need of a cat or dog, i'd recommend the montgomery county animal shelter. they have a hard time adopting out cats especially, and those that don't find homes before they've been at the shelter 60 days usually don't. they stay in tiny individual kennels, and don't get out often, though there is a playroom for some of the cats. the long-term dogs do get walked every day. but if you're needing or wanting a pet, check them out. save a cat - make a friend for life.


Staci said...

Oh, Amy! Ozzie is so sweet! I am so partial to orange and white kitties. You must be enjoying him so much. Isn't it so funny how kittens just go and go and go and then collapse into a deep sleep in seconds?

Be sure and take a moment to visit my blog tomorrow. You'll be able to see what Miss Daisy has been up to.
I'll give you a hint, it wasn't something good!

AllieKatMom said...

You can never replace an animal...only its empty space in your house not the heart :)

He is too stinking cute! I wish my husband liked cats instead of dogs. I feel like I need to make the switch.

cilvee said...

Awww, look at that face! Cats can be so cute and funny to watch...too bad I am allergic...dogs for me, good things mine are great cuddlers :)

Congratulations on the new addition to your family :)

Karamat said...

Oh what a cutie!! I love orange and white kitties.

Bry said...

Awww Amy he is so adorable!! I can see why it was love at first site!

smazoochie said...

Pink Kitty Toes!!!!