Tuesday, September 14, 2010


just before labor day, Kraft released a coupon for $5/5 Kraft cheese or dairy products. it's no longer available apparently, but i've been hanging on to the ones i printed waiting for a good deal to use them with. tonight i was checking out a blog i read frequently, Katy Couponers and i saw someone had commented on her post about the coupon. often readers will share where they got a good deal, so i clicked to read the comment. the reader had used her coupons at HEB. tonight is the last night of the sale, and i waffled on whether i really wanted to make a run to HEB, but decided to go.

i got 10 packages of Kraft shredded cheese, 10 cans of Wolf chili, and 10 bags of HEB corn chips. the cheese was priced $2 each, and the combo loco deal was buy the cheese, get chili and chips free. so my 10 combo locos rang up at $20, then i used 2 $5/5 Kraft coupons and only spent $10. we've still got plenty of last fall's free hormel chili from a kroger megasale, but M doesn't like it; he does like wolf, so this is for him. i love frito pie when the weather is cooler, so now i'm stocked up for lots of frito pie!

FYI - you can totally freeze cheese.

on my way home i stopped at randalls, mainly to get a bag of mission tortilla chips for cheap because i'm out of chips and i can't have chips and queso for dinner while M is out of town if i don't have chips! i spent $2.88 (two .55 ecoupons didn't come off for the chips) and got back a catalina for $3 OYNO. i went home with 3 fage yogurt with honey (YUM!), a bottle of cheer laundry detergent, 1 can of cat food (free w/coupon; going to dad for his outdoor cats), 1 bag mission tortilla chips, 1 pkg mahatma yellow rice, 2 pillsbury sweet moments brownie bites, 1 pillsbury refrigerated sweet rolls, 2 pillsbury crescent rolls and 2 pillsbury grands biscuits, and 1 betty crocker chocolate chip cookie mix. i also found coupon booklets that have $2/2 scrubbing bubbles products that i'll use next week on the cleaning supplies promo at randalls through 9/28.

FYI - you can also freeze pillsbury canned biscuit and other bread products. really.


Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

yummy cheese! The SB deal is HOT right now at Randalls(I have not found the coupons yet)
apparantly they are part of the buy $15 get $5 cat AND they are triggering a $2 cat for each 2 you buy. HOT HOT HOT

Luv 2 Kreate said...

Amy, I really need you to give me a class on couponing! I am so going to need it soon :)

Staci said...

Amy-- got a kick out of your comments on my blog! Yep, if any one could relate to the 14 pound cat helping you blog, I knew it would be you! My husband is out of town right now as well, and we've got the cling-ies here, too!

Good post on the cheese & your recent shopping triumphs!

I had NO IDEA you could freeze those canned biscuits! Never, ever occurred to me to even try!
Thanks for a great tip!