Friday, September 10, 2010

almost done!

last weekend my parents came to visit, and my wonderful mom helped me do some more rehab in my craft room. i started on saturday morning before she arrived, and had made good headway going through my non-sewing craft things. over the next few days we went through the rest, bagged up stuff for goodwill, set aside stuff for her to take back for my niece's headstart teacher to use for the class, and for my cousin to use with her kids' sunday school class. we moved furniture, and vacuumed carpet, and moved furniture again as i changed my mind. i settled on a paint color for when we paint sometime before the first of the year. we manipulated the closet so that i could move my clothes in there and out of the tiny, cramped closet they were in. then we moved the clothes. i'm excited that there are shelves for all my boots to line up where i can see them!

the best features of all: i have a sitting area, with two comfy chairs and an ottoman! right now, they're not very pretty, but i plan to recover them soon. i don't even have to buy fabric, since i'm going to use some lovely fabric i picked out for my loveseat but then decided it didn't match our butterscotch colored couch. it's a lovely chocolate brown and linen damask. i'm also recovering my chair for my sewing table. i've even already taken the chair apart.

here's what still needs to be done:
1) recover the sitting area chairs, the sewing chair and the ottoman
2) paint the black dresser white and replace ugly wood shelf with dresser, so things can be out of sight
3) paint
4) have mark put closet doors back on
5) recover ironing board
6) mount a few IKEA lack shelves on the walls to display prety things

i got so excited i even hung a few things on the wall above my sewing table. i hung a magnetic chalkboard thing so i can write notes and put up pics of stuff to inspire me. i also hung the lovely miniquilt danielle in australia sent to me as well as two other framed items.

i'll post a pic tomorrow, but i'm too lazy to get up and get the camera now, plus, it's too dark to take good pics in there now.

lest i leave you with a photoless blog entry, here's some pics of the kids:


Staci said...

How exciting to be getting your little nest together! Doesn't it feel great to have a good sort through and clean out? What color are you going to paint your room?

Enjoyed the pics of the nap buddies!

AllieKatMom said...

sounds like it will be sooo nice!

Staci said...

I love your blog, and look forward to your posts so much! I've selected you for a Sunshine Blogger Award.
Please go to this post to read about it.