Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's silver, white and green and only warm to the touch?

if you guessed my rowenta professional iron, you'd be correct. tonight, for unknown reasons, my iron ceased functioning properly. last week it was working fine. so fine, in fact, that i barely touched the edge of the sole plate with my arm and ended up with a nasty burn. tonight, same heat setting and i could hold my hand on the iron with no disastrous results.

i'm really sad, because i was working on a couple of things, and they both require lots of pressing. first, i had printed off some slightly wonky flying geese paper piecing patterns at the office yesterday, and i had pieced a small strip with four geese. i wanted to make another strip, then make them into a coaster for my desk at work.

i had also started a set of coasters for my modern swap partner based on these by chickenfoot.

here are my beginnings:

i hopped over to amazon to search for my iron, but they apparently no longer make this model. however, the focus dz5080 has great reviews and seems comparable in terms of wattage and features, plus it's on sale for $80, with free shipping.


AllieKatMom said...

I have a walmart iron I paid $6 for. Not sure I will ever spend that much on an iron. No mine doesnt really press as nice but it works and its much

amy and the bad cats said...

i used to be happy with my equivalent of the $6 walmart iron, but then i used my mom's fancy iron and was sold! my parents actually bought me the one that just died, but it lasted at least ten years. i probably would have balked at regular price, but at the sale price this one was definitely worth it, in my opinion.