Friday, July 16, 2010

it's been a long, long week . . .

so, last saturday night, when we got home around midnight, my new iron, just like the one pictured above, was waiting on my doorstep! turns out, i love it! sunday has been the only chance i've had to sew all week, and it wasn't exactly a stellar day.

i worked on a set of coasters for my modern swap partner, but i'm not that thrilled with them, for a number of reasons. i'll run them by some IRL friends on saturday and get their opinions.

i also finished my wonky flying geese coaster for my desk at the office. i like it, but . . . i should have graded my seam allowances, because the grey around the geese and the orange print backing seams are just a bit viewable through the white fabric. i used a white organic that i'd gotten a number of years back, and it's thinner than kona. also, i had a red fabric "melt" a tiny bit on my new iron while working on the coasters, and it came off on the white sashing on my coaster! nonetheless, it still looks better on my desk than the boring round leather coaster from some oilfield tools company that i was using.

i haven't finished quilting emily's quilt, much less attached the binding to the front by machine. i have so much to do before tomorrow's guild meeting, that it definitely isn't going to get done. yeah, sadly the house cleaing has to come first. plus, we reupholstered our love seat last thanksgiving (yes, over 8 months ago) and my job was to cover the pillows that go along the back. i got one done, then ran out of the cording to make the piping. ummm. . . yeah. i have to pick that up tonight because i really want the pillows finidhed and done so our loveseat doesn't look so weird. of course, after the fact, even though i picked the fabric, turns out i'm not so keen on the finished product. but i can't tell M since he worked so hard to get it done before my parents showed up for thanksgiving dinner!

well, back to boring title opinion, then home to clean, clean, clean and finish the loveseat pillows!

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AllieKatMom said...

Keep busy girl :) See you Saturday