Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busy Bee

i was out of town most of the week, with no chance to sew. i got home to find a: a pkg from tamiko for her blocks for the pretty in pink bee. i also had several other bee packages vying for my attention. of course, having left M unattended for several days, the house was a bit (ha!) of a wreck, too. yesterday i worked from home and divided my time between actual work, tackling the mounds of laundry, and doing a tiny bit of tidying up. while i waited for M to get home last night i started my blocks for donna for the red and aqua bee - part two. i finished these last night after M left for the deer lease so the guys could fill feeders today and do some clean up.

before i left town, i finished up mandy's block for sewn together bee. she sent a mix of silks and satins, and the block turned out gorgeous! even M commented on what a great block it is! obviously, my photo doesn't do it justice:

today i have a quilting play date with my friend jacquie, plus plans to get a pedicure and tae care of some errands, so i'm off now to get a relatively early (for me!) start.

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Luv 2 Kreate said...

Love the blocks...sounds like you are going to have a FUN day!