Friday, May 28, 2010


yesterday, after i posted, i did spend just over an hour cleaning up. here's what got done: started load of laundry, unloaded dishwasher, reloaded dishwasher, cleaned out fridge, tidied up kitchen counters and bar area, put away a mountain of my work clothes that was taking over the top of the dresser, pulled one garbage bag full of clothes that don't fit out of my closet for goodwill, dusted bookshelves, nightstands, and dressers in bedroom. not too bad for less than 75 minutes!

today i'm working from home again, so i've folded one load of laundry, switched a load to the dryer, and started a third load, and put away the clean laundry except M's jeans, which he likes to hang a certain way.

i've also put in about four hours of work today on my title opinion, so when i "work at home" i really do work!

last night i started sylvia's flying geese blocks for the sew 2 speak bee. this morning i finished them.

they used a quick/easy method to make the flying geese units, and it really did seem a lot easier and resulted in less bias stretching. yesterday i also finished my "new" set of blocks for wendy in the Scrap Happy Bee, and i charged my camera battery and got pics this morning.

late last night, waiting for M to get home, i decided to make a spreadsheet to organize my virtual quilting bees. i thought i was in 10, but it turns out only 9 plus 2 swaps. anyway, i've already had my month in one bee, and june is my month in another. after that, from september through next april, excepting december, each month is mine in one of my bees! loks like i'd better start coming up with some ideas for what i want and gathering up my fabric!

i have a crapload of batiks in all colors, and i'm thinking the modified bento box block from a film in the fridge tutorial would make up nicely in batiks. i'm not sure how i came to acquire so many batiks, but i must have been really really fond of them at some point! this would be a great way to use up fabric from my stash without having to acquire any more just now, and maybe this could turn into a christmas or bday present for my dad. just thought of that, and i think it would be a fantastic present since he's always so hard ot buy for!

tonight is stepson's high school graduation, and then tomorrow night a party for him and his cousin who also graduates this weekend, so it'll be a busy weekend. enveryone enjoy their memorial day holiday on monday!

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