Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Proud!

so, M came back today after being gone all week for work. i was sitting on the floor in our bedroom cleaning off a bookshelf when he came in. after our talk the other day about decluttering and keeping the house clean, instead of dumping his huge duffel bag in the entryway like usual, he brought it back to the bedroom! woohoo!

i didn't get any sewing done today, but i did get my package for the Bee Liberated block for may. it's an easy block, but new to me, though rick picked the same block for may for the Pretty in Pink Bee. i also did a little more cleaning. went through my books on the shelves in the bedroom and culled some more for the yard sale i'm helping my mom have next month, and dusted the shelves while i was at it. our bedroom furniture is brown-black, and we have soooooo much dust in our house. i really should dust practically every day! i have a hot spot on my dresser where i tend to pile work clothes as i remove them, and the next thing i know, it's a mountain! today i took 10 minutes and put everything away, treated stains on stuff to be washed, and put away all my winter boots in the closet.

tonight after dinner we stopped at the dollar tree to buy some coin roller thingies, as M was all out of most sizes and we have a ton of coins to roll. i saw an endcap with fun colored cleaning supplies, so i spent five bucks and bought a turquoise plastic basket with handles, a microfiber duster, microfiber cleaning cloths, polishing cloths and polishing pads, all in pretty turquoise. when i got home, i got a can of all-purpose spray cleaner from the utility room, took the tags off all my goodies and put together the basket to keep in my bathroom so i can swish and swipe in the morning.

my bed is made, my sink is shiny, the trash has been carried out, my clothes are laid out for tomorrow, and my house is a little less cluttered than it was yesterday. good night!


Luv 2 Kreate said...

Way to go!

Bree said...

You are going very well! And you weren't the only adults on the planet that don't make their bed - trust me! :)