Friday, April 17, 2009

Great Week at Wags!

i didn't expect to be making so many trips to walgreens this week, but the register rewards weekly and monthly deals have just been too good to pass up! the picture shows my combined loot for the week so far, except for a trip on monday, which included 6 bags of hershey's easter candy.

i had three coupons to get free Bayer glucometers, so i used those, and each purchase spit out a RR for a free Crest Pro-Health toothpaste. thanks to stephanie i knew that there were special packages of crest that also included a FREE mouthrinse! i was able to use two of my three free crest RRs on those packages!

most of this haul will get donated to friends, family or people in need. the gum goes to the secretary where i work. blood glucometers go to diabetic family members, or if they're stocked up, i'll donate to a senior organization. the johnson & johnson products were cheap fillers after coupons, and are for a cousin who is due to have a baby girl in the next few weeks. the hairbands go to my mom for her and my greandmother, and also as little gifties for little girl relatives. the toothpaste will likely go to a women's shelter, as we have plenty! the toothbrushes, hair clips (cheap filler items!), and the chapsticks will be put in my christmas box to be used as stocking stuffers! i also got a box of assorted easter stickers to put back for next year!

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