Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walgreen's Fiasco

tonight, DH needed some brand-name liquid plumber because our chicken sink was backed up, and the off-brand stuff i had didn't work. he said he could get it at walgreens, so i gathered my coupons, made my list, grabbed the free redbox code, and off we went. i was able to get most of the items on my list, though not all, so i divvied it up for DH's transaction and my transaction. first fiasco - i dig out a gift card for him to pay with. actually, i dig out three, because i'm not sure which one has a balance. earlier in the day, i had received an email that said my january easy saver rebates had been added to my giftcard. well, DH uses all three cards. one has less than $2, one has nothing, and one has about $8. that's not right! well, by now there are many, many people behind us in line. flustered, i only buy my stuff in one transaction, making it so i can't use DH's $6 RR for the gillette fusion razor, since i'm also buying one. then, i actually have to pay cash! now, that wouldn't be so bad, except my goal this year is to spend less than $5 OOP each month at walgreens. but, once i get home, the fiasco continues. i sit down to enter our receipts into the easy saver rebate. DH and i each have an account. i had previously purchased theraflu for the rebate, and we bought two more tonight for DH. but here's where i screwed up - i entered his receipt on my account, and went ahead and claimed my rebate, since i knew i wouldn't be getting any of the other rebate items this month. of course, i didn't realize this until after i'd entered my receipt on his account. so, not only did we pay out of pocket, but i "lost" $6.60 in rebates because i messed up on entering the rebate receipts!

oh well. better luck next time!

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