Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Walgreens Wednesday!

I know you want to know how much I paid for all this stuff . . . well, I did 3 transactions, and I had $8, $5, and $5 RR to start with, and I finished with $5 and $5 RR for next time. My first transaction i paid .04 OOP, .09 for the second, and .55 for the third, for a grand total of .68 for the following:

2 9-big roll packs of white cloud tp
3 robitussin
2 26 load arm & hammer laundry detergent
4 reynold's foil
4 3-pks of scotch tape
2 bic soleil razors
2 sure deodorants
4 campbell's tomato soup
6 pkgs walgreens cough drops
6 taper candles
6 2-pks of sharpie markers
1 brown eyeliner

This may be my most impressive walgreens trip ever. Definitely worth going out sick in the cold for!

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