Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spendthrift Saturday

Today we started our morning by having a yard sale, mostly of mark's stuff we stashed for "sell" when we began cleaning out his house. Not a very successful sale, as far as these things go, as we made only $73.50, but then we took the stuff that didn't sell to Goodwill and have a receipt for a 501(c)3 donation (tax deductible). After a short nap and some xbox 360, we headed out for some errands. i've been wanting shelves in my utility room (to house my stash!), so we went to home depot. we used 2 gift cards, one of which was a wedding present in march, and added $7. tomorrow we'll put up my four shelves! then we went to linens n things. they're going out of business, and we still had $38.17 on a gift card we got as a wedding present. we had looked online about a month ago and even though we don't need anything right now, we'd decided to get a comforter for when ours needs to be replaced. we tried to order online, but since they're going out of business, they were no longer accepting gift cards for payments online. well, the first store we tried to go to was already closed and vacant. at the second one, the shelves looked so picked over that i wasn't hopeful we'd find anything. i was so wrong! we found a quilt that we both liked, marked 119.99 regularly, and the signs said bedding was 50% off. well, that would have put us over the gift card balance, but we didn't see anything else we liked, so we decided we'd get it anyway. guess what - it rang up as $38.96 including tax! we only had to add 79 cents! the set we got is the one in the picture. so, even though i was disappointed with the yard sale results, i'm glad we were able to use some more of our wedding present gift cards.

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